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The Cycle of Fifths is a progression of notes or chords in ascending perfect fifth degree steps and will assist with the memorisation of keys. Commencing from C the Cycle of Fifths is as follows:
|---Ascending in the Cycle of Fifths -> --------------------------------------------|
       |-----------Keys with Sharps--------------|
C___G___D___A___E___B___F#____C#____g#____ d#____ a#___ e#__ b#
d--    a--    e--    b--    f-     C-     G-        D-        A-         E-         B-       F       C
                                        |-----------------Keys with Flats---------------------|
|---------------------------------------- <- Descending in fourth degree steps -----|

Notice that the root notes of sharp keys progress in accordance with the ascending steps of the Cycle of Fifths from G to C#, and that the root notes of flat keys progress in accordance with the descending steps of the Cycle of Fifths from F to Cflat. Sharps are added to the sharp keys in the order of one sharp per step beginning at G with 1 sharp and ending at C# with 7 sharps. Flats are added to the flat keys in the order of one flat per step beginning at F with 1 flat and ending at Cflat with 7 flats.

A Cycle of Fifths progression can commence from any of the twelve different notes in the chromatic scale and on completion of the cycle will overlap and repeat itself.

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August 1, 2007