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Keys where the key signature contains sharps are shown under SHARPS Keys where the key signature contains flats are shown under FLATS The key signature for C (and related modes) contains no sharps or flats. The key signature for major keys are the same for their related minor keys eg. G major has the same key signature (same scale tones in a different order) as its related E minor key. See M/ minor below. The chromatic order of preferred keys are: C, Dflat, D, Esharp, E, F, Fsharp or Gflat, G, Aflat, A, Bflat, B, C.

Table Of Keys

Major Root - - - - Minor - Octave
- - 9 - 11 - 13 - -
- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1
SHARPS - - - - - - - -
G  =           1 G A B C D E Fsharp G
D  =           2 D E Fsharp G A B Csharp D
A  =           3 A B Csharp D E Fsharp Gsharp A
E  =           4 E Fsharp Gsharp A B Csharp Dsharp E
B  =           5 B Csharp Dsharp E Fsharp Gsharp Asharp B
Fsharp =    6 Fsharp Gsharp Asharp B Csharp Dsharp Esharp(F) Fsharp
(Csharp) = 7 Csharp Dsharp Esharp(F) Fsharp Gsharp Asharp Bsharp(C) Csharp
FLATS - - - - - - - -
F  =           1 F G A Bflat C D E F
Bflat  =       2 Bflat C D Eflat F G A Bflat
Eflat  =       3 Eflat F G Aflat Bflat C D Eflat
Aflat  =       4 Aflat Bflat C Dflat Eflat F G Aflat
Dflat  =       5 Dflat Eflat F Gflat Aflat Bflat C Dflat
Gflat  =       6 Gflat Aflat Bflat Cflat(B) Dflat Eflat F Gflat
(Cflat)[B]= 7 Cflat(B) Dflat Eflat Fflat(E) Gflat Aflat Bflat Cflat(B)

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August 1, 2007