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As with the major and minor chromatic scales above, pentatonic chromatic scales also incorporate an additional chromatic tone or tones into their 5 tone structures. An example of this altered scale type is the 6 tone "Blues Scale" with 7 notes to the octave from the root. Shown below is a comparison of some pentatonic and pentatonic chromatic scales from the root C, and the alternate range of chromatic tones for incorporation into the construction of a pentatonic chromatic or 6 tone tone scale.

                      |------------------------ Chromatic Tones ------------------------|
                      1    2     3    4     5    6    7     8    9    10    11   12    1
                      c    c#    d    d#    e    f    f#    g    g#    a    a#    b    c
                          (d-)       (e-)            (g-)       (a-)       (b-)

C Pure Minor ---      C          D    E-         F          G    A-         B-         C
C Dorian ---          C          D    E-         F          G          A    B-         C 
C Minor Pentatonic -- C               E-         F          G               B-         C
C Blues Scale -       C               E-         F    f#    G               B-         C
Altered C min Pen. -  C               E-         F          G               B-    b    C
#2 Alt. C min Pen. -  C               E-         F     >    G               B-    <    C
C Major ---           C          D          E    F          G          A          B    C     
C Major Pentatonic -- C          D          E               G          A               C
Altered C Maj Pen. -  C          D          E               G          A          b    C
#2 Alt. C Maj Pen. -  C          D    <     E               G     >    A               C

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August 1, 2007