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In addition to the major and minor pentatonic scales above, any scale with 6 or more tones can be converted to pentatonic (5 tone) by omitting a tone or tones so as to construct a 5 tone scale and, any scale or scale segment with 4 or less tones can also be converted to pentatonic by adding a tone or tones so as to establish the required 5 tone structure. Clearly, pentatonic scales are not confined to the major or minor scale families and any 5 tone combination of the 12 chromatic tones will create a pentatonic or pentatonic tone scale (5 tone) with 6 notes to the octave from the root. Four examples of pentatonic tone scales are shown below.

Pentatonic Tone Scale (from Chromatic) -   C        E   F                   B-   B   C

Pentatonic Tone Scale (from Major) -       C        E   F               A        B   C

Pentatonic Tone Scale (from Minor) -       C    E-             G   A-       B-       C

Pentatonic Tone Scale (from Mixolydian) -  C            F      G        A   B-       C

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August 1, 2007