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A tone scale, half tone scale or tone scale segment is defined as a fixed intererval or fixed pitch progressive arrangement of notes of the same or different tones in an ascending or descending ordered system of music spanning less than, up to or greater than the octave and include the entire scale range in equal and non-equal temperament systems of music. As a general rule, tone scales have more to do with the intervalic quality of sound and the impact the sound or sounds have on the ear eg. Comforting tone, harsh tone, edgey or irritable tone, brittle tone, bright or dull tone and so on, than they do with the notion of key-centred harmony or key-centre shifting as discussed above. Shown below are some simple and compound tone scales in the system of equal temperament.

                       |-- Octave --||--- Octave ----||--- Octave -----|
Octave Tone Scale -    E___________E*va ____________ E*ve ____________ E*va  (1 Tone x 4)
(Compound)             C           C*va              C*va              C*va

                       |--- Octave ---||--- Octave ---|
Aug.4th Tone Scale -   C      F#      C       F#      C                     (2 Tones x 2)
Dim.5th Tone Scale -   C      G-      C       G-      C

                       |--- Octave ---||--- Octave ----|
Aug.5th Tone Scale -   C      G#      *       E      B#(C)                   (3 Tone)
Minor 6 Tone Scale -   C      A-      *       F-      D--      

                       |-------- Equal Interval Steps -------|
                         Maj. 3       Maj. 3        Maj. 3
Aug. Arpeggio -        C          E            G#            C   (3 Tone)
Maj. 3rd Tone Scale

                       |-- Octave ---||-- Octave -----||--- Octave -----|
Maj.6th Tone scale -   C______A______*_______F#_______*______D#_________B# (4 Tone in 3 Oct.)
                       |------------------Equal Interval Steps --------------|
                           3             3              3                 3
Dim. 7th Arpeggio -    C         E-             G-               A(b--)          C   (4 Tone)
Min. 3rd Tone Scale

                       |--- Octave ---||--- Octave--||-- Octave -----|
Minor 7th Tone Scale - C      B-      *       A-     *       G-      *            (4 Tone)

                      |-- Octave ----| |--- Octave---| |-- Octave ---|
Maj.7th Tone scale#1-  E          E!  *       D       *      D!      *          C   (5 Tone)

Pentatonic Tone Scale- C          E     F                       B-    B    C    (5 Tone)
(From Chromatic)
Whole Tone(Aug.6 Tone)-C    D     E         F#        G#        A#         C    (6 Tone)
Maj. 2nd Tone Scale
Altered C min Pen. -   C       E-       F         G             B-    b    C   (6 Tone)
(6 Tone Tone Scale)

                       |--- Octave ---| |--- Octave -----| |-- Octave -----|
Per.5th Tone Scale -   C       G       *    D      A      *     E     B   *          (6 Tone)

W-T fill-ins  -        C       D       E       F#   g    G#       A#       C   (7 Tone)
(Altered Aug.)

                       |---- Octave-------| |-- Octave ------| |------ Octave -------|
Perfect 4th Tone Scale-C      F      B-    *     E-     A-    *    D-    G-    C-    *(8 Tone)

W-T H-T (Dim. 7th) -   C          D    E-       F    G-         A-   A          B    C(8 Tone)

W-T H-T #2(Diminished)-C    D-         E-  E         F#    G         A    B-         C(8 Tone)

Half Tone (Chromatic)- C    D-    D    E-  E    F  (f#/g-) G    A-   A    B-    B    C(12 Tone) 
Alternating min.2nd - Aug. Unison Tone scale

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August 1, 2007