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Page 1 - is dedicated to the bands and musicians I have played with over the years. The ones I have been able to post a photo of to date that is.

Page 2 - is Dedicated to a concert I saw of Brownie McGhee - some good photo's here.

Pictures are In Order Of Age And Topic

"Granite" - Entire page dedicated to this Band

"Street Rats"

(Hard Rock)

1979 - 1980

Brian Peacock         - Lead Vocals

Allan Kroll               - Guitars

Rod Burgess  (me)    - Guitars

Mark Sheppard         - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Clinton Little            - Drums & Backing Vocals

Street Rats - Me Playing  - at a Engagment Party


Allan, Mark, Brain & Clint in the back



Allan, Mark, Brian & Clint on drums

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"Steel Rider".... (& Friends)

(Rock & Blues)


Dave ("Steel Rider" - Vocals) & Me


Dave (Lead Singer) And Me




Mark Sheppard & Me Dueling guitars 

Mark Sheppard And Myself




Roderick & Me

Rod Briggs

Alan Haglan & Drummer from "Steel Rider"


Roderick Briggs & Myself

Rod Briggs and Myself (in the back)




(Progressive Rock)


Roderick Briggs    - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Rod Burgess (me)  - Lead Guitar / Backing vocals

Allan Haglan          - Drums & Percussion

Lynworth Jenkins  - Bass Guitar / Vocal + Backing Vocals

Roderick & Lyn tunning up


Rod Briggs & Lyn - Tuning up.


Alan Haglan On Drums for "Time-Out"



Alan Haglan

Alans Drum Kit ready for a "Time-Out practise session 
Alan's Drums
Lynworth Jenkins - On Bass for "Time-Out"  

Lynworth Jenkins

"Time-Out" on stage at Bribie Island Bowls Club
Time-Out on Stage At The Bowls Club Bribie Island. - Queensland
"Time-Out" on stage at Bribie Island Bowls Club
"Time-Out" on stage at Bribie Island Bowls Club
"Time-Out" on stage at Bribie Island Bowls Club


Band - Albert's Find

(Hard Rock)


Rod Burgess (me)      -       Guitar,  Backing vocals

Roderick Briggs         -       Guitar,  Backing vocals

Jiri                              -       Drums, Backing vocals

Dean                           -       Bass

Craig                           -       Lead Vocal 

"Albert's Find" Playing at the Redcliffe hotel Queensland


On the Deck (as they use to say) at The Redcliffe Hotel before its Revamped.

First and only gig with this band. 

"Albert's Find" Playing at the Redcliffe Hotel Queensland







Mixing a Gig for "Woolamalloo"

Mixing the show for "Woolamaloo" - Bush Band -  On the Deck at The Redcliffe Hotel


Trio - WatchaSea

(Rock & Blues)

2002 - 2003

Brian Peacock       - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Rod Burgess (me)  - Lead Guitar / Backing vocals

Jane Barnett         - Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals

On the OLd Wreck at "Woody Point" Queensland

Jane Barnett, Brian Peacock & Myself  as"WatchaSea"  - On the wreck at Woody Point.

Accidentally shattered the bones in my left foot 15-20 seconds after this shot.


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