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Trichoglossua haematodus moluccanus



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        I have had the pleasure of owning or being in close contact with a few different animal as pets during my life time , Dogs - (Doberman, Miniature Staffy, Staffy cross, Dingo/German Sheppard cross, Bull terrier, Blue Heeler Cross & Various Mixed breeds),  Cats - (Persians, Persian cross, Siamese Cross, Various Mixed breeds) , Rats (Male & female - White), Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Fish. I also looked after sick and injured wildlife - Fairy Penguin, Echidna, various Birds - Lovebird, Finch, Magpie. 

            But the one I've been touched by the most is the Rainbow Lorikeet  (Trichoglossua haematodus moluccanus). They are the most loyal, affectionate and extremely intelligent animal I have ever encountered. Even my aviary birds are extremely amusing , fun and entertaining to watch, and talk to. 

Rainbow are not a parrot for every one, they are extremely demanding and will want to be with you 24/7


From The Beginning

           I've never really had that much to do with birds during my life except for the occasional injured or sick bird I came across, and my daughters Pre-school pet Budgie, and never a Rainbow. Even though these birds can be seen in the wild in their thousands around where I live (Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia). Our first true encounter with a bird/Parrot was when my wife decided to by my son a Cockatiel for his birthday. She acquired a tame young male from the local markets, we called him "Pippin" .


Our Birds...........




Pippin Burgess

















Lilly Burgess


















Lorrie Burgess






Hugo And Karla Burgess





Sasha & Pedro Burgess

Our first baby Rainbow Lorikeets we raised.. Pedro and Sasha - Hatched 18/12/2004 - Removed from parents on the 28/12/2004

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Alex and Lilly

Alex flew away on us - hope some one found him and he is being looked after and loved.





Wallace Burgess






24/05/10 - 23/08/2011

Ozzie Burgess



 08/2011 - 10/03/2013

I miss him so, he was the first bird that I saw die and will never forget this. He loved me so much, which was very evident and I could say he was deeply in love with me And I him. I actually thought he would live a long long time but I did not count on others in my home not be as strict and they got complacent and as a result I lost another beautiful little love. Rest In Peace my little one

(photo page to come soon)

Ricky Burgess

Ricky Burgess

2011 - 17/04/2015

Had  a fit mid flight and hit a cupboard very hard, I think he died instantly.

I spent 2 hours with CPR but failed to revive him.

He was the absolute cutest of all my parrots

His precious, unique voice, His cheekiness, his love friendship and constant companionship will be missed by all

Rest In Peace My Little mate and friend, you will never leave my heart, I will never forget you 

(photo page to come soon)



This Site is dedicated to our birds - Our lives have been forever touched and changed by their love.

Pippin (deceased) Lilly Burgess (deceased)


Lorrie (Deceased)  
Sasha Burgess (deceased)Karla Burgess (deceased)

Wallace Burgess (deceased)

Ozzie Burgess (deceased)Ricky Burgess (deceased)



Hugo & Karla, Pedro, Sasha, Josie And Neenah, Lilly, Alex, Sam, Wally, Ricky, Ozzie - Ricky, Joey my little loves..................

Photo: Very important!




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The Above Breeder raised Wally & Ozzie.

Both where extremely Healthy and Adorable and extremely Loving And Gentle When I Picked them Up From Steve's..

I highly Recommend the Above Breeder for Acquiring Hand Raised or Breeding Parrots.

Wally & Ozzie where Beyond Expectation and extremely missed!

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