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If You Get The Chance check these Guys out - You definitely won't regret the experience. They have a new Web Site with updates for Tour Dates,  And more.....

a must see for anybody who knows this band, or you want to hear some incredible music that you have been missing out on the pleasure of Experiencing.


Alan Parsons - The Art and Science Of Sound Recording

 Site for every aspect on recording music - a must for every musician who wants to record their music - Hear the master talk on various techniques -  DVD's, downloads and video steaming all available from the site as well as a forum for Q&A. - Excellent




One of the best Space Rock Bands around. I have followed these guys music from their first album.

Hawkwinds Official Site





Neil Merryweather

    This guy blew me away with the album "Space Ranger" & "Kryptonite" in the  '70's and now has his own site - Lots of info and video interviews.

 If you have not heard the above mentioned albums, have a listen if you can get a hold of a copy - Excellent space Rock - "Space Rangers" is in my top 10 of best ever albums.


Phil Manzanera & Roxy Music

Another Favourite guitarist of mine as well as the Band " Roxy Music - Excellent web site from Phil

Phil Manzanera & Roxy Music


Chrissy Amphlett & The Divinyls

my favourite female artist


Kate Bush

One of my favourite female artists




Joe Satriani

All I can say here is Joe is amazing  - If your into guitar, do yourself  a favour and check out Joe 's site  !



Dan Joy

has got a new band together  - check out this site and have a listen to the guys - good stuff !

Excellent Group of People - Become a Member!


An Excellent Site for all Musicians , Actors & Artists


Music Lyrics - Find your lyrics here


Parrots As Pets
Breeder Of
い Indian Plumheads い Indian Ringnecks い Moustache Parrots い
い Musk Lorikeets い Rainbow Lorikeets い Scaly Lorikeets い
い Greencheek Conures い Mallee Ringnecks い

い Hand Raised Pets い
い Parent Raised for breeding い

Member - Parrot Society of Australia Inc.


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