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The bird that broke our hearts and made us fall in love with Rainbow Lorikeets.

About month after buying Lilly I was driving down to the shop via the back streets late one night and I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I pulled over for a closer look and discovered to my surprise a baby Rainbow Lorikeet huddled in the gutter. I quickly grabbed a towel and threw it over the bird and gently handled it into a small box I had in the car and took it home for closer observation. We named Him? "Lorrie". Our very first Rainbow Lorikeet.

    When I got him home I was amazed by the noise this little creature could make, they can be quite loud when they are chicks. I ended up deciding to try and raise the baby bird ourselves as I already done a lot of research on the subject out of my own interest. We went to the pet shop and brought the proper raising mix for this breed of bird. Both my children took turns at trying to feed him, which they discovered is not as easy as it sounds, especially with a baby that is not use to being feed like this. But they finally got him to feed very well and he started to mature very nicely. He loved giving Lilly the cockatiel a hard time, Jealousy, pushing her around and trying to be the boss. He did eat a lot of Lilly's seed which we didn't know at the time was a bad habit to get into as they really are not suppose to eat seed, they are bristle tongues and eat nectar . Lorrie really took to me and became quite affectionate, preening me and laying on me, as in the picture below. He would get very excited as soon as he knew I was home from work and quickly hop over to me and jump up to say hello and rub his head up against my face in affection. He was such a beautiful animal to have, full of vitality and life, an amazing, extremely affectionate bird.

    But one day I came home from work and found him on my daughter lap, she was in tears because he had just died for some unknown reason, we still don't really know why...., but I was absolutely devastated for weeks after, and I till have a cry now and then......

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Callum, Lilly and Lorrie
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Lorrie and Lilly  Lorrie and me


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