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My own compositions.....



"I Fell Off My Guitar Again Last Night" - ©2016 Rodney K. Burgess

Playing all Instruments and Recorded at home on a Ibanez S series guitar, last lead break on a custom BC Rich, Available on ITunes, Amazon, Google play


"Blue Sky's" - ©2002 Rodney K. Burgess

Recorded via the out put from my Marshall amp and a Gibson Les Paul guitar using Samplitude and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9


     "Dimensions" - ©2002 Rodney K. Burgess

 Instrumental - Recorded with a  Multi-effects Pedal and my BC Rich guitar, direct input using Samplitude and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9

      "Carina" - ©1995 Rodney K. Burgess -   Instrumental

All Instruments (except Drums) where recorded by via My Roland GR-09 Guitar Synth ....attached to a Anniversary Fender Stratocaster using  Cakewalk Home Studio 2 then Recorded and mixed down in Samplitude.


"Gamin" - ©1998 Rodney K. Burgess -

Instrumental. Created with Do-Re-Mix Software and Recorded and mixed with Samplitude.


"Little Lilly Feathers" ©2010 Rodney K. Burgess   - 256kb Mp3  - Dedicated to my beloved little Cockatiel - Lilly

This recording was produced using a Samson Gtracks USB Microphone and Samplitude 10 Software on a Xp Windows PC, a cheap Fender Squire Telecaster guitar and my Fender hand-made 12 string Acoustic, which starts the song.



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Music Bio 

Born in Sydney on March 1957

Had an interest in music from a very early age.

Bought my first guitar at the age of 12y and was shown a couple of chords from my Croatian Step Father to be.

Played at various wedding functions ect with my Step father, playing Traditional Croatian Music mixed with old contemporary music - played to about 2000 people at the St. Georges League Club in Sydney.

Formed first Band at age 15y named by various names (Keg, Canyon) over a three year period, played Lead and rhythm,

Playing at various local functions.

Band split for lack of funds for practise sessions.

Moved to Queensland at the age of 19y.

I Formed Granite - a 4 piece rock band.

Lead/Rhythm Backing Vocals

Alan Kroll - Vocals/guitar

Vince Sawyer - Bass/Vocals

Clint Little - Drums/Vocals

Recorded demo at Multimedia Studio's 1977.

Toured part of the music circuit in the Brisbane area at various Pups and Venues

Played at the Warana festival 1976?7?

Made the finals in the battle of the Bands in Brisbane.1977

Left Band in 1978 because of a conflict between me and another Band memmber.

Formed and named a new Band called "Street Rats".1979

Five piece Hard Rock Band


Brian Peacock - Vocals

Alan Kroll - guitar/Backing vocals

Mark Sheppard - Bass/Backing vocals

Clint Little - Drums/Backing Vocals

Played at various Local Pups to packed crowds, Asked back quite a number of times to the "Moreton Bay Hotel" (Owner "Artie Beetson").

Band Folded For various reasons in 1980

Formed acoustic Duo in 1983 "Rod and Mark"

Played at Thelma's Palace for over 12 months

Mark Sheppard dropped out in 1984 and Michael Worthington Replaced

him until late 1984

Got Married in November 1984

 when Mark returned and we formed a Trio and

played at the Morton Bay Hotel.

Trio folded because of conflicts between Mark and Michael - they didn't like each other.

Joined Band "Steel Rider" Blues Band 1988 (four piece Band)

Lead/Rhythm and backing vocals

Played on The "Combie Trader" over to Moreton Island. and back

And at a Reception and Parties.

Band Folded in 1989 for lack of Singers Ability - couldn't keep in Key.

Formed Band "Time Out" non main stream music eg (Hawkwind, Nektar etc)

Four piece Bribie Island Band in 1990

Lead guitarist/Vocals

Played at the Bowls club 1991

Folded 1991 because of members personal commitments.

Formed "Albert's Find" Hard Rock Five piece Band 1992

Lead/Rhythm Backing vocals

Played at the Redcliffe Hotel on the deck.1993

Band split in disgust as Singer gets Blind Drunk just before we get on stage to perform.

Played guitar for the Gap Music – 2001 - 2002.

Played at the “Kings Beach Hotel” – Caloundra QLD

The Gap Music was disbanded because of one of the member’s serious  health problems.

Started Trio with Brian Peacock called “WachaSea”. 2002-2004.

Left because of lack of confidence, and conflict of interest with Brian.

Amputated finger in a mower accident 7th Jan 2005 - Bugger !.

Have been recuperating since, have spent more time on my web site.

Written a number of songs during this period, just waiting on my finger to heal properly before attempting to record again. 

Recording again now - 2011.

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